Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All repaired - and an amazing meandering morning ride

Repairing Penelope, curious cat at hand
Last night, my husband helped me replace my bike tire, so that I wouldn't be grounded anymore.

Ready to head out for a ride, new tire all ready and raring to go!
Today is my day off, and I had to drop something off at my daughter's school, so I decided to take my Penelope to do it.  From there, I continued where the path led me, though I had not been on the path before.  I had seen the bike path behind the school before, but didn't really know where it led.

Follow the bike route
I simply followed where the path took us.  It was a very nice ride, and the path was pleasant. 

Pretty path

This "map" will not help find anyone's way.  Weathered beyond belief.
A lovely little bridge
I ended up heading to the library to pick up a book, and then back home by another route.  I would have kept going on the path, but I neglected to pack any food.

Home again. 

I might go out on another ride this afternoon.  We'll see.  In all, though, it was fantastic to simply go out exploring.  This was a 16 1/2 mile ride, which is the longest one yet for me this year.  I was still slow (8.2 mph average), but I wasn't hurrying.  This is faster than I was before inflating my tires to the proper amount.  We'll see how much faster I can be after I get my tune up next week!

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