Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Biking to the Sunrise

Yesterday, I got up before work and went out for a bike ride (after coffee! I learned my lesson the first time I went out before work, and I suffered from lack of coffee...)

I wanted to catch the sunrise over the lake, from the causeway.  I had limited time, so I set my timer and set off.

I managed to make really good time, and I caught the sunrise just like I wanted to.  It was a glorious morning.

Later in the day, it got very hot and muggy, which was highly unpleasant.  The morning was much more palatable to ride in.  I'm so glad I got out.

It was a 7.2 mile ride total, 37 minutes, so about 11.5 mph.  I would love to do this ride again before work - we'll see about the rest of the week.  Today was my son's birthday, and I had special breakfast plans, so I skipped riding.  Hoping for tomorrow.  The weather is unsettled, with strong thunderstorms.  Not good biking weather. 

As I was riding, two songs came to mind.  First was Erasure's Run to the Sun - in my case, Ride to the Sun.

The second song that came to mind was Here Comes the Sun

It was a joyful way to start the day.

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