Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Riding in the Morning to Avoid the Muggy Heat of the Day

I woke up this morning, and I didn't feel too badly after yesterday's crazy long ride.  I knew that the day was looking to shape up to be hot (almost 90!) and humid - my least favorite kind of weather.  Therefore, I got up and hopped on Penelope, and headed out to the causeway for sunrise.

I think the clouds were prettier about 10 minutes before I left, but I was busy making the kids' lunches, so I couldn't leave when I saw all of the pinks and oranges happening out of my window... that was a shame.  Note to self: You'll get a better bike ride in if you make and blog lunches the night before!

Overall, the ride was very pretty.  It was 7.4 miles, and I was slightly slower than what has become normal, but that would be understandable considering how much I worked my legs yesterday.

I hope that the thunderstorms hold off, and that I get some more morning rides in this week.  The next few days are looking also to be muggy and unpleasantly hot... so here's for hoping!

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