Thursday, May 7, 2015

An after work bike ride - a little faster

I got home from work yesterday and decided that I needed to have a bike ride.  The weather was gorgeous, and there was time before dinner.

I also wanted to see how long it would take me to bike to the end of the causeway (the "cut" where the bike ferry will run when it opens for the season) and back.  I think this might become a regular ride.

It was 12.2 miles round trip, and it took 1 hr 18 minutes.  The route was pretty flat - an easy ride, without any huge hills.  That works out to 9.4 miles per hour.  That's a bit faster.  I was actually working on going fast, though, so that I could see if such a ride was possible in the morning on days when I can't ride to work (It would be, though I have to be really careful about making sure to wake up on time and be home on time, with things to do).

It was really nice to have a ride after work.  Work tires me out, so I really had to do the ride right after work, before I sat down and thought about how long my day had been.  It was a good decision.

This beautiful weather isn't going to hold out forever (rain is in the forecast for the weekend, and next week), and I don't want to squander it while it's here!  I'll likely be taking another ride tomorrow evening.

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