Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ride to Sunrise over the Bay

I woke up early this morning.  It's my day off, and I was about to go back to bed, or grab my book... until I looked out of the window and saw the colors starting in the sky. 

I can take a nap later in the day.  I can read my book later in the day... but these colors won't last.

I was about to head to the causeway, but the sky in that direction was solid grey clouds.  While I am sure that the sunrise would have been pretty in that direction, I've been wanting to try a ride in the other direction, to the bay.  It's about the same distance.

The ride is not as pretty, because it is on roads the whole way instead of on a pretty causeway or wooded path.  However, I think the pay off was worth it.

I stopped at a boat access on the way, because the colors were just glorious.

I wish that I had brought a coffee to drink while watching this sky... maybe next time.

The humidity is high today, and it might be rainy later, so I am glad that I got a ride in early.  I may go out for another ride later, but the sunrise... oh, the sunrise is worth getting up early for.

I was not fast this morning (pre-coffee!  And, I stopped often).  I biked 7.2 miles in about 45 minutes, which is 9.7 mph average. 

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