Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sunrise Ride - Before Work

I was considering riding in to work this morning, but the forecast is calling for rain this afternoon, and I didn't want to risk it.

Still, I wanted to get a ride in, and not only is there supposed to be rain later, but I have dinner plans with my mother.  SO - I hopped out of bed and onto Penelope.

Setting moon over Penelope
The moon was still up when I left, and I decided that I really wanted to see the sunrise over the lake.

Timing was tight, and I didn't have much leftover when I got home, but it was enough time for a coffee.  I was decently fast - 9.5 mph, out for 47 minutes.  I hope that I will be faster after Penelope's tune-up this week... I'd love to break 10 mph!

So happy that I made it out this morning.  The sunrise was beautiful.  Next time - I should bring a coffee with me!

I need coffee, obviously

All done at sunrise

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