Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Ride to Work - and an After Work Trip on the Bike Ferry to My Mom's House!

The weather forecast for Memorial Day said 40% chance of afternoon rain.  Ever the optimist, I decided that meant 60% chance of not rain.   So - I rode to work!
Promise, there's a fox up there.

Can you see the fox?

The morning ride was lovely.  I saw a fox on the bike path.  Trust me, though this picture doesn't really show it, the fox was there, crossing the path calmly in front of me.  Lovely.  This is a reason I ride!

I got to work in 58 minutes, with 11 mph average speed.

 I took a nice change of route (same distance) through the university campus.  I will take this route again.  It went through less traffic, and it was just beautiful.

One of the nice things about biking to work so early is that I skip a lot of the traffic.  This route is easy first thing in the morning, but after work, I am stuck in traffic for 5 minutes at least, waiting on cars and lights..... that's a whole lot of no fun.  I'll take morning, any time!

My mother asked if we could go out for dinner.  The Hubby had the day off, so I asked him to meet me there with his truck, and after work, instead of biking home, I biked down to the end of the causeway, and hopped onto the just-opened-for-the-season bike ferry, into my home town.  From there, it was another 5 miles or so to my mom's house.

I got rained on only very briefly.  A couple rain drops was pretty good for 19.1 miles, 40% chance of rain.  It took me 1 hour and 42 minutes (moving time) to get there from work - it was a long ride, but so satisfying to have done it!  I can't say this will be a regular ride, but it was one that I have been wanting to do ever since I heard about the bike ferry.
On the other side of the ferry!

A beach I grew up near

Colorful bird houses ... and a dinosaur?

The rest of the week looks to be unsettled, weather-wise.  I'm hoping for some more rides, but likely this is the big one!
Finally there!

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