Friday, May 15, 2015

Post tune-up sunset ride

Penelope was in for a tune-up for two days, and of course those were two days when the weather would have been grand for a bike ride.. so, when I picked her up yesterday after work, I was itching to have a ride.

I wanted to see the sunset over the causeway, so I set off.

It is about my favorite time of year, when the lilacs bloom.  The streets around here are lined with them, and I could smell them as I rode by.  Glorious.

The sky was nearly cloudless, and the lake was smooth as glass.

I look forward to more sunset rides.. this was fantastic.

My ride was faster, too, after my tune-up.  Penelope has a brand new chain, and her random scrapes and squeaks have been cleaned up.  I went 10.3 miles, with an average speed of 10.7 mph - though at points, I was as fast at 18.3 mph. 

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